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I find myself in amazement at the complexities of nature. I’m fascinated by the constantly changing colors, textures, the movement, and the light. One moment there is a sunset, then within 60 seconds it is gone. Wild colors fill the sky as light begins to fade. I don't search for art; it has its way of finding me. I am drawn to it and I get lost in it. I’ve never taken its uniqueness for granted. When I present a work of art captured from what I am blessed to see, I feel a great sense of accomplishment.

"This isn't what I do, it's who I am."

Much effort goes into capturing a perfect image. Sometimes I find myself in dangerous situations, like when I was up to my waist in water holding my camera high. Or the time I was too close to a slippery waterfall or precariously climbing a cliff just to get the right shot!

My work is shot outdoors or in direct sunlight. I prefer it to artificial lighting. No studio can have a backdrop as dramatic as a forest, or as peaceful as a pond. I find incredible abstract shapes in and around nature's simplest surroundings. These abstracts are complex, so I get pretty excited when a viewer is a little perplexed by them. It’s “fun” to watch the viewer study my work and try to guess what it is.

I have an extreme love for animals. I enjoy being in their company immensely. First, I am obsessed with the "Great Blue Heron"! Second, I love cows! They are so nosey and affectionate. I love catching a cow licking another cow, or the smooth warmth of a baby calf gumming my hand! I patiently wait to capture thier emotions resulting in a powerful image.

My dream is to one day own my own photography studio. You will find in my web pages photographs that inspire me, and that I’ve chosen to share with you. My hope is that you will enjoy yourself as you enter my world of photography.