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Cathie Karpf grew up in Connecticut but has since migrated to the pastoral beauty of Dutchess County New York where she lives with her husband Alex. From home Cathie has easy access to photograph the unique light of the sumptuous Hudson Valley.

Her interest in photography began with capturing her childrens’ growing-up years. Summers spent on the Rhode Island shoreline let her expand her focus to include the wild-life she has always loved and the ocean which rejuvenates her. For the past twenty years this self-taught artist has studied everything she could about photography. For years photography remained only a serious hobby while she worked as a residential make-over specialist.

In recent years, with her children grown, her lifestyle has allowed her to finally pursue photography as a career. Cathie’s photos range from landscapes to farm animals with cows being her favorite subject. She patiently waits to capture their expressions and feelings, creating a powerful image. Cathie’s vision and fearlessness can be seen in her work, resulting in images that pull the viewer in. Her current focus is on the transformation of natural objects into the illusion of color and shape. Hers is not just “abstract art” but an expression in fluidity and control. A viewer has summed up her work as follows:"she transforms a left-field Abstraction into an innovative contemporary style of photography". Her photographs elicit a second glance then a close study. Cathie does not believe in digitally manipulating her work, only cropping, adjusting light or blurring the background when necessary. They are as close to film as possible.

Early on, Cathie’s photographs were featured on formal invitations and greeting card collections. As her career has advanced, her award-winning photographs have been featured and sold in galleries, fine-art shows, judged exhibits, restaurants and in other venues. You may currently view her work at the Tri-plex Cinema in Great Barrington, MAm in P.D. Walsh’s Country Store in Falls Village, CT and at the Bangall Whaling Restaurant in Dutchess County, N.Y. Cathie is affiliated with the Dutchess County Council on the Arts in Hudson, New York.

Cathie's photographs are on display at the following locations:

The Bangall Whaling Co.
Bangall, NY

The Belvoir Gallery
Franklin Ave, Millbrook, New York

The Millbrook Vineyards & Winery
Wing Road, Millbrook New York

P.D. Walsh's County Store
Falls Village, Connecticut

Red Hook CAN / Artist’s Collective Gallery
7516 N. Broadway, Red Hook New York